Choose the Right Size Frames to Mount your Memories on Walls

A unique painting, photo frames or any art piece will require the right wall to add or completely ruin the look of your wall. Pictures, art, and photographs will add a charm to your dull space. When you want to give a unique look to your place, pick the right size wall to make it an eye catchy focal point. So you should take some time to identify the right wall to display the right art in the right size.


Sometimes, using the right piece of the frame on the right wall seems daunting. No matter, how much did you spend to create superb picture collage or on a designer frame. There is no use of using an art piece in the wrong size or on the wrong wall.

Follow the following steps to decide what size picture frames you should buy:

The Room: Don’t go for all small frames. Rather, you must go for the big ones. Also, you can use split frames so that looks like a frame. Choosing three canvas frames are better to create an appeal of the big-size picture. It looks wonderful as a single focal point will look amazing to your place.


Choose the Similar Shape: Consider the length and width of your wall when mounting a frame on it. It’s always better to measure it once or simply, spend upon the right glass photo frames which should look the same as your wall size. If your wall is tall and narrow, choose the same frames type.

Pictures over Furniture: There are many art lovers can’t find the right space for their art. To get rid of this confusion, you must go for the expert’s recommendation. A rule thumb of mounting the pictures or paintings over furniture such as sofa, table, fireplace or mantle, The art should be mounted above 6″-12″ in the three-fourth width of the furniture.


A Wall Gallery: This is I personally like the most. Creating a wall gallery is just fun which creates a perfect focal point. Filling a large space is always a fun way of using your large photo prints with small ones. Divide your photo prints into different groups by height and width. Simply, group together the same size pictures or mix and match everything.

These simple ideas would work successfully to help you use your pictures to create a perfect focal point at home.


Make The Occasion More Special By Gifting Unique Digital Glass Prints

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Don’t let your favorite photographs to be forgotten and turn your more precious moments into a unique photo gift which definitely add some personal touch to your gift . Get one of a kind keepsakes treasured forever with wonderful digital glass prints. No matter whether you are celebrating your family memories with beautiful large photo prints or planning to arrange a gift that will keep the warmness of your relation alive – digital photo prints are one of the best options that meets your requirement and perfectly fits your budget too.


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You can browse your keyword on internet e.g.”digital prints” to have few good references. There are many companies that allow you to browse their photo department to find a wide selection of photo gift ideas for any occasion. Explore top-rated and best-selling custom gift options for any occasion and turn your favorite digital picture into personalized photo gifts.

Personalized photo gifts are highly used and are a thoughtful, creative and versatile way to express your warm feelings to the receiver. So let them know how much you care about them and the value that you have for them in your heart by presenting large photo prints on their special occasion.


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Furthermore, people who love art and are fond of home decor can find these personalized gifts very special. You can turn every photo and memory into a perfect memento to give to someone who will cherish it for the rest of their lives. Indeed, there is nothing more special than giving someone a treasured piece of memory to last a lifetime.