Acrylic Prints Vs. Canvas Prints: What Will You Choose?

Want to give your home a stunning look by decorating it with something you’ve never thought of before? Of course, you want to display your favourite photo in the living room so every guest coming over can admire. When it comes to wall art printing, people have two options to choose from – an acrylic print and a canvas print.

Both types of prints – acrylic and canvas have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s begin with acrylic prints first.

Acrylic Prints

Also known as acrylic face or photo mount, the general name (for acrylic) is Perspex, Lucite or Plexiglas (Plexiglass). You can consider these the different brand names for acrylic. And there’s a process involved (which seems unique in every sense) when it comes to creating an acrylic print.

acrylic wall print

There are 2 different processes to create an acrylic print, including:

  • Direct printing on the material
  • Printing onto paper and then face mounting to the acrylic

Acrylic photo printing comprises printing onto photographic paper and squeezing between two sheets of 5mm acrylic. Know that the back sheet of acrylic can be black, white, or transparent.

Canvas Prints

The canvas printing process has been around for many years now. In fact, canvas prints are one of its kind prints that havy been in use for years. In today’s day and age, one creates these prints with dye sublimation or inkjet printers. These printers are known as Giclee). That way you get a classic (old fashioned) look that will be the perfect art to display in your study or living room.


Canvas printing does not cost an arm and a leg when compared to the traditional form of printing.

Features of Acrylic Prints and Canvas Prints:


If you’re looking for both direct printing and face mount, then you must opt for acrylic, as it seems the right choice. Not only will it provide protection from UV, it’ll also provide protection from moisture. But, canvas wraps also provide protection, but not as effective as acrylic prints.


Well, canvas is an ideal option if you’re looking for something within your budget. You would have to shell out around 50% less than the acrylic. But, acrylic prints are expensive. Sooner or later, you’ll realise that every cent spent is worth the cost.


Many people prefer acrylic over canvas. This is because it provides them a contemporary and colourful look. When you consider canvas, it gives a crude and old-fashioned look.


Whether you choose acrylic prints or canvas prints, look for a professional company. They can help you find a high quality option for printing your favourite photo or image.


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