Acrylic Awards – Time to Recognise Your Well-Deserving Employees

What are Acrylic Awards?

No matter what the size, every company (startup or established) wants to stand out from the competition. Companies in today’s business world need an effective employee recognition program so they can improve employee morale.

There’s no denying the fact that employee recognition does not only motivate and inspire staff, but it also promotes loyalty other than giving a boost to the productivity. While there are many ways to recognise well-deserving employees, many companies use acrylic awards for their staff.

Acrylic Awards

Why should you use acrylic awards?

Motivating your employees is not a child’s play. You need something to inspire them so they perform to the best of their ability resulting in much improved productivity. But an employee’s productivity can get affected by their level of satisfaction or disappointment at work.

Acrylic is a material that will spoil you for choice. Available in many colours, you can consider this material (acrylic) for creating any shape or design according to your needs. Acrylic awards come in pleasing accents which only add to their beauty. That way your company will have a wide variety of acrylic awards to choose from for a well-deserving employee.

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Acrylic is a “glass-like” plastic material. Its superior quality remains unmatched in every sense of the word. No other material can come closer to acrylic. Using an acrylic award is more suitable than using glass awards. Why? This is because it’s not only impact resistant, so there are hardly any chances for this award to break. Being lighter than glass, you can consider any shape you want.

The only drawback of using acrylic is that expensive than glass. But the cost you’re likely to spend is worth the investment for your employees. This acrylic award comes equipped with the transparent beauty of glass and crystal. What more could you ask for?

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Want to express your appreciation for the best performer of the year? Look no further than acrylic awards – the best choice for making the most of the occasion. Not only are acrylic awards easy to customise, they have that charm to inspire your employees.


Other employees will take a clear look at the acrylic award if the employee (the performer of the year) keeps it in the workplace. This will act as a persuasion factor for other employees to work hard so they can become the right fit for the award. Employees will remind themselves that they have to get their act together and work hard to win an award.


Why Recognise Your Employees Contributions with Glass Awards?

Want to recognise someone at work with the most dignified and prestigious award? Choosing glass awards will be the most feasible decision you’ll make. Is there anything that can say “Bravo….job well done!” than a custom engraved glass award for recognising the truly deserving employee?

When it comes to glass and crystal, there are some remarkable differences between the two materials extensively used for recognising employees for their efforts and contributions.

‘Glass’ is the least clear of the three materials and does not cost much at all when compared to other materials available. Glass is made from silica and sand, and glass awards can commonly be found in crystal clear glass as well as jade glass. Crystal clear glass is a top-quality glass that nearly resembles crystal.

Crystal Glass Trophy

Advantages of Using Glass Awards

Here are some great advantages of using glass awards:

1. The first advantage of using glass awards is that they’re cost-effective. They don’t cost an arm and a leg, so if you’re mulling over mass producing awards out of glass, it’s the best way to save a considerable amount of money.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to opt for another material, glass awards can be the best alternative to crystal or metal awards. You won’t have to go for something as fake as plastic.

Glass Award

2. Another great advantage of using these awards is that they’re professional. Plastic awards are the ones that give a dull and fake feeling. An employee can think that you (as a business owner) does not respect or give value to their achievements. It can create a feeling of resentment among them. A glass award will show that you value their hard work and efforts.

3. Glass is the material that reflects professionalism. Glass awards look stunning, and this is the reason why they’re so much in demand. You can even get your logo or some personal sentiment engraved about the employee likely to become a proud recipient of a glass award.

Custom Printed Awards

You’ll be spoiled for choice as there’s a glass plaque, glass pillar, or many shapes such as circles, stars and diamonds. If you want to keep your employees motivated at all times, give out stunning glass awards.


There are several glass custom printed award ideas you can choose from. And the best thing is that you can give a different one each time to your deserving employee(s) more than once.

Choosing The Right Sign Boards For Your Commercial Buildings

Make your reception sign boards more appealing for the great business impact. Choosing a right signboard is quite important for your business as your front doorstep logo can deliver the impression of your business and your brand name.

If you are looking for the unique receptions sings then Acrylic logos and lettering methods are a unique of displaying your business logo that not only looks more professional but also widely available in a whole range of colors, sizes, and finishes. In fact, these acrylic sign boards also come in translucent colors which create great lighting effect at your reception and look extraordinary.


The acrylic signs are also known as perspex signs that look clean and new, and add a modern feel to your reception. In addition, you can use shiny metal effect perspex to give you sign board classy metal touch. As because acrylic is a cheaper material and requires less maintenance as compared to metal reception signs, you can use acrylic signs for both internal and external signage such as reception signs and corporate building.

Among all, perspex is a versatile material that can be easily mold in any shape and size and can cut to a bespoke design. With your creativity and industry knowledge, you can add lots of effects, shapes, and colors to your sign boards to make it look more attractive and appealing. No matter it’s just a company name or an official logo, there are endless possibilities to create a unique design with acrylic signs.


Types of acrylic letters and logos that can look for the acrylic signage:

1. Flat Cut Acrylic Logos Mounted On The Wall

A flat sheet of plastic acrylic that can be cut in any shape and logo design or font typeface are the perfect suitable option of the both external or internal use. The Flat cut acrylic letters are available in a number of sizes and thicknesses, so pick the one that fits your design and makes your perspex signs appealing.

2. Flat Cut Acrylic Company Logos

Generally, flat cut acrylic company logos are made to order as every company has their own unique requirements regarding shapes, sizes, and styles. These logos can be fitted to the wall in various different ways so that people can easily notice it.


3. Illuminated Acrylic Built-up 3D Letters & Logos

The illuminated 3D letters or company logos are the great ways to display your brand name. It will not only look appealing but also easily noticeable in the dark as well.