Acrylic Prints Vs. Canvas Prints: What Will You Choose?

Want to give your home a stunning look by decorating it with something you’ve never thought of before? Of course, you want to display your favourite photo in the living room so every guest coming over can admire. When it comes to wall art printing, people have two options to choose from – an acrylic print and a canvas print.

Both types of prints – acrylic and canvas have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s begin with acrylic prints first.

Acrylic Prints

Also known as acrylic face or photo mount, the general name (for acrylic) is Perspex, Lucite or Plexiglas (Plexiglass). You can consider these the different brand names for acrylic. And there’s a process involved (which seems unique in every sense) when it comes to creating an acrylic print.

acrylic wall print

There are 2 different processes to create an acrylic print, including:

  • Direct printing on the material
  • Printing onto paper and then face mounting to the acrylic

Acrylic photo printing comprises printing onto photographic paper and squeezing between two sheets of 5mm acrylic. Know that the back sheet of acrylic can be black, white, or transparent.

Canvas Prints

The canvas printing process has been around for many years now. In fact, canvas prints are one of its kind prints that havy been in use for years. In today’s day and age, one creates these prints with dye sublimation or inkjet printers. These printers are known as Giclee). That way you get a classic (old fashioned) look that will be the perfect art to display in your study or living room.


Canvas printing does not cost an arm and a leg when compared to the traditional form of printing.

Features of Acrylic Prints and Canvas Prints:


If you’re looking for both direct printing and face mount, then you must opt for acrylic, as it seems the right choice. Not only will it provide protection from UV, it’ll also provide protection from moisture. But, canvas wraps also provide protection, but not as effective as acrylic prints.


Well, canvas is an ideal option if you’re looking for something within your budget. You would have to shell out around 50% less than the acrylic. But, acrylic prints are expensive. Sooner or later, you’ll realise that every cent spent is worth the cost.


Many people prefer acrylic over canvas. This is because it provides them a contemporary and colourful look. When you consider canvas, it gives a crude and old-fashioned look.


Whether you choose acrylic prints or canvas prints, look for a professional company. They can help you find a high quality option for printing your favourite photo or image.

Choose the Right Size Frames to Mount your Memories on Walls

A unique painting, photo frames or any art piece will require the right wall to add or completely ruin the look of your wall. Pictures, art, and photographs will add a charm to your dull space. When you want to give a unique look to your place, pick the right size wall to make it an eye catchy focal point. So you should take some time to identify the right wall to display the right art in the right size.


Sometimes, using the right piece of the frame on the right wall seems daunting. No matter, how much did you spend to create superb picture collage or on a designer frame. There is no use of using an art piece in the wrong size or on the wrong wall.

Follow the following steps to decide what size picture frames you should buy:

The Room: Don’t go for all small frames. Rather, you must go for the big ones. Also, you can use split frames so that looks like a frame. Choosing three canvas frames are better to create an appeal of the big-size picture. It looks wonderful as a single focal point will look amazing to your place.


Choose the Similar Shape: Consider the length and width of your wall when mounting a frame on it. It’s always better to measure it once or simply, spend upon the right glass photo frames which should look the same as your wall size. If your wall is tall and narrow, choose the same frames type.

Pictures over Furniture: There are many art lovers can’t find the right space for their art. To get rid of this confusion, you must go for the expert’s recommendation. A rule thumb of mounting the pictures or paintings over furniture such as sofa, table, fireplace or mantle, The art should be mounted above 6″-12″ in the three-fourth width of the furniture.


A Wall Gallery: This is I personally like the most. Creating a wall gallery is just fun which creates a perfect focal point. Filling a large space is always a fun way of using your large photo prints with small ones. Divide your photo prints into different groups by height and width. Simply, group together the same size pictures or mix and match everything.

These simple ideas would work successfully to help you use your pictures to create a perfect focal point at home.

6 Benefits of Kitchen Glass Splashbacks You May Not Know About

Why should you use a glass splashback in your kitchen?

A glass splashback is stunning and an easy to clean surface that adds to the beauty of the kitchen. It is safe, low-priced and have a reflective nature. These glass splashbacks give an elegant look to your kitchen.

Here are 6 benefits of installing glass splashback into your kitchen that you need to know about:

1. Durable

One of the most important benefits of using a kitchen glass splashback is its durability. A glass splashback gets exposed to food spills and splashes, hits from small kitchen appliances, water and several other items. Moreover, they may get stains when you leave some substances on them for long.

Using a kitchen glass splashback is beneficial because it’s durable. It will not break into small pieces, nor will it crack. It will also get stained.


2. Colour Choice

If you use stainless steel or a tiled splashback, limited colours are available. But this is not the case with glass splashbacks for kitchens. You can pick any colour you want for your kitchen that will blend well with your kitchen theme, style and design.

3. Adding Beauty

Kitchen glass splashbacks are creative. They give a stylish and sophisticated look to your kitchen. If you choose a designer coloured glass splashback for kitchens, it improves the look of your kitchen. In fact, it seems to be the best source for improving your home décor.


4. Small Effort

It does not take much effort when it comes to replacing the old splashback in your kitchen with glass. The effort will completely change the look of your kitchen making it look more stylish.


5. Heat Resistance

Using glass splashbacks in your kitchen is the right choice as it can withstand heat. In fact, it is the best option for the area behind the kitchen sink, cooktop and bench tops. get exposed to heat and steam from extensive cooking.


6. Easy to Clean

Another great benefit of using a glass splashback is that it’s easy to clean. When in use, a splashback will indeed become dirty. Using a splasback in your kitchen will need you to clean this surface on a regular basis.


If you’re installing a glass splashback into your kitchen, or replacing the existing one, a coloured glass for your kitchen is the best bet.

What Types of Prints You Can Get with Online Photo Printing Service

Are you seeking the beautiful prints to make your interior look lively? Isn’t this very challenging to look for the variety to make your interior look stand out? Have you been seeking the experts who can provide online photo printing service so that the right image can be imprinted on your choice of material?

When you begin your search for the quality material and prints, decide where do you want to display these prints. Basically, there are three major types of prints quite popular in this modern scenario which includes glass prints, metal prints and canvas prints.

Glass Prints: Glass prints are one of the most popular print types that would find the most amazing when choosing to enhance your interior beautifully. Once you go online, you would find enormous types of glass prints that can be displayed anywhere in your bedroom to relive the beautiful moments of your life or give a depth to your sitting area with a beautiful picturesque.

Glass Prints
Metal Prints: Choose metal prints if you want to enhance your lobby or outdoor decking area. It’s a superb idea to make your outdoor lounge look amazing by choosing the right metal prints or give it a theme suits your location and complements your entire setting. No harsh weather or outdoor condition can affect the appeal of metal prints.

Metal Wall Print
Canvas Prints: This is the perfect piece of beauty which comes in enormous options. Canvas prints are made for the indoor applications to add a unique look and appeal. Once you go online, you would find it the most amazing way of getting imprinted beautiful images on a big-size canvas. Choose the right size and picture prints to make it look suitable for your interior in a beautiful way.

Canvas Wall Print.jpg

Choosing The Right Sign Boards For Your Commercial Buildings

Make your reception sign boards more appealing for the great business impact. Choosing a right signboard is quite important for your business as your front doorstep logo can deliver the impression of your business and your brand name.

If you are looking for the unique receptions sings then Acrylic logos and lettering methods are a unique of displaying your business logo that not only looks more professional but also widely available in a whole range of colors, sizes, and finishes. In fact, these acrylic sign boards also come in translucent colors which create great lighting effect at your reception and look extraordinary.


The acrylic signs are also known as perspex signs that look clean and new, and add a modern feel to your reception. In addition, you can use shiny metal effect perspex to give you sign board classy metal touch. As because acrylic is a cheaper material and requires less maintenance as compared to metal reception signs, you can use acrylic signs for both internal and external signage such as reception signs and corporate building.

Among all, perspex is a versatile material that can be easily mold in any shape and size and can cut to a bespoke design. With your creativity and industry knowledge, you can add lots of effects, shapes, and colors to your sign boards to make it look more attractive and appealing. No matter it’s just a company name or an official logo, there are endless possibilities to create a unique design with acrylic signs.


Types of acrylic letters and logos that can look for the acrylic signage:

1. Flat Cut Acrylic Logos Mounted On The Wall

A flat sheet of plastic acrylic that can be cut in any shape and logo design or font typeface are the perfect suitable option of the both external or internal use. The Flat cut acrylic letters are available in a number of sizes and thicknesses, so pick the one that fits your design and makes your perspex signs appealing.

2. Flat Cut Acrylic Company Logos

Generally, flat cut acrylic company logos are made to order as every company has their own unique requirements regarding shapes, sizes, and styles. These logos can be fitted to the wall in various different ways so that people can easily notice it.


3. Illuminated Acrylic Built-up 3D Letters & Logos

The illuminated 3D letters or company logos are the great ways to display your brand name. It will not only look appealing but also easily noticeable in the dark as well.

5 Reasons Why to Choose Glass Over Canvas Prints

What can be the great way to introduce colour, liveliness and a personal touch other than creating prints to be hung on your home walls? Well, canvas has usually been the most preferred but traditional choice for wall prints, being one of the low-priced options.

But you should know that they are at a risk of fading when exposed to UV rays. So, you should opt for glass photo printing for the walls of your home.

Glass Wall Art

Here are top five reasons why glass photo printing is gaining immense popularity among home designers and interior decorators:

1. Vibrancy

The vibrancy that you get with printing on glass over canvas cannot be expressed in simple words. It remains unmatched, as glass allows for the complete colour transfer. Moreover, its gleaming finish adds to the appeal of any room when glass wall prints are hung on the wall. On the other hand, canvas is more delicate with a dull and rough finish.

2. Light and Appearance

Those spaces lacking natural light must go for glass wall prints. This is because their translucent properties will create a light and liveliness. In fact, these photo prints are the most suitable option to illuminate a room, while canvas will always give off an inferior look.

Glass Splashback

3. Durability

Glass is the best material for photo prints as it’s completely moisture resistant. Other than being protected from UV, the durability of glass photo prints remains incomparable.

Canvas must always be kept dry and is bound to fade when exposed to sunlight. As far as glass is concerned, it can be cleaned without hassles which makes the print to last longer.

4. Appearance

Glass prints are essentially a more contemporary approach when compared with traditional art hangings and pieces as well. Not only will they add sophistication, but that definite edge to any room.


5. Cleaning

One of the reasons why glass wall prints is because they can easily wipe dust and other stains that may have occurred onto the print. What you need is a wet cloth to keep the print looking spot free, even though a glass surface cleaner will help you achieve a great look for a long time. Canvas, on the other hand, soak stains and is not right for water cleaning.


There’s no point denying the fact that the interior decorating industry is rapidly evolving and being informed by new, innovative ideas. The main focus on wall art has extensively been growing and the value of showcasing artwork on walls is being thoroughly recognized by builders, decorators and designers as well in every type of home. So, you must go with glass photo prints for your room.

Is Installing Glass Splashbacks Beneficial for Your Kitchen?

Splashbacks have become an integral part of the kitchen in many houses. Do you want to know why?

Because the kitchen splashback keeps the walls secure from moisture as well as cooking debris and improving the beauty of the kitchen at the same time. No doubt about the fact that glass is an amazingly beautiful splashback material for the kitchen offering not only sleek but a contemporary look.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Here are some great reasons why glass splashbacks for kitchen have become a popular material for installation:

A Wide Range of Colours

A kitchen splashback is a great option if flexibility is what you’re after. This is because they have the ability to match any design or style with an endless colour options. You can consider plenty of colour options when it comes to choosing the glass splashback for your kitchen.

Elegant Look

A kitchen splashback will add elegance to your kitchen, being bright as well as clear. It will appear as if you’ve spent a huge amount of money but you really have not. This is how you can transform your kitchen into something more appealing.

Kitchen Splashback


You don’t have to worry about the price when considering glass splashbacks for kitchen. They are an affordable feature to be added to your kitchen. Their versatility and ability to make a huge impact in your kitchen easily are some important factors why homeowners choose this material over other types.

Heat Resistance

When you cook for several hours, glass splashbacks will be exposed to heat and will be absolutely fine. This material is resistant to the heat and will not cause damage to your kitchen.

Even though it may seem to be the most exciting thing in the world, installing a kitchen splashback will work to your advantage in every way you could possibly think of.